Crossroads International

About Crossroads

Crossroads International operates in a number of countries, including Canada. Many of their volunteers are 45+, at a stage of life when they have fewer obligations at home, and can consider doing something different for a few months.

Anne Gardner, National Director of Programs, outlines the goals of Crossroads, how they operate, and opportunities to become involved in Canada or abroad.

Profile of Crossroads volunteers

Anne describes the volunteers who participate in Crossroads assignments, and who they are looking for.

How to volunteer with Crossroads:

Anne describes how to apply, the selection process, the orientation process, and in-country support. She also describes the impact foreign assignments have on peoplesí lives.


The Volunteer Perspective

Margie Macdonald describes her experience during a recent Crossroads volunteer assignment in Swaziland.

Margie compares her experience volunteering as a retiree to her experience in Africa as a student. In her recent assignment, she felt she had skills to offer, and was better equipped to deal with the challenges of the posting: