Getting Healthier in Retirement

Retirement Planning Ideas from Younger Next Year

Chris Crowley, co-author of Younger Next Year, talks about how get over not "working", find the next good thing, and figure out what you want to do in your retirement.

Chris Crowley has collaborated with Henry Lodge, M.D. to produce two books which argue in an entertaining style that, through increased physical exercise and a suitable approach to lifestyle, retirees --men and women -- can feel younger and stronger and ward off deterioration of their health. The core premise; the right kind of exercise will slow down decay, ward off illness, for men and women, and make you feel younger. His books will motivate you to adopt an active retirement.

The impact of "retirement" on your social and mental states; the importance of attitude; the different experiences of men and women.

Making exercise fun and finding new challenges that suits you, maintaining motivation to keep it up.