Frontier College; 110 years of volunteering

Looking for retiree volunteers across Canada

Frontier College selects, trains and deploys over 3,000 volunteers to work with 15,000 Canadian children, youth and adults to improve their literacy skills.

42% of Canadian adults have trouble using reading and writing for everyday activities.  Low literacy skills are linked to poverty, poor health and high unemployment, and parents with low literacy skills pass their lack of skills to their children.

Sherry Campbell explains that Frontier College is not based in classrooms; its volunteer mentors meet their learners in a wide variety of settings in their own communities:


Throughout its history, Frontier college has relied extensively on post-secondary students as volunteers , but is now increasingly seeking out retiree volunteers. 

Frontier College is looking for open-minded and patient people who can make a commitment of a few hours a week for 8 months or more.  No prior teaching experience is necessary; Frontier College provides full training and support.

Sherry says that Frontier College volunteers enjoy sharing their knowledge, seeing their learner progress, and find that getting to know the people they are mentoring changes their view of the world. 


If you are interested, and able to make a long term commitment, visit the Frontier College web site, review the programs in your region, and if they suit your interests, fill out the on-line application form.