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Many books have been published offering advice on managing retirement.
Most of these books offer statistics about aging intermingled with advice and anecdotes about people who exemplify a variety of retirement experiences.
Few titles stay on the shelves for long.
Click for more details on the following authors who present particularly interesting perspectives on retirement issues:

Chris Crowley – On taking charge of your health and your attitude; being physically and mentally active. *Motivation to get fit*

Barbara Moses: On coping with the mid-life flat spot, and how to figure out what to do next *Mid-life coaching in a book*

Ernie Zelinski – How to enjoy your freedom doing what you want instead of trading your time for money. *Most fun to read*

Charles Long - On how to live without a salary *Most practical*

Dr. James Nininger – A practical guide for making the transition from an active career *Free DIY retirement seminar*

Dr. Sherry Cooper - Boomer retirement; national impact, financial considerations, and making the right personal choices. *Big Picture*

See Also:

jelenko bookJane Jelenko writes about people who redefined themselves after a successful career, to start something very different. Jonathan Chevreau, in his blog, of the Financial Post, interviews, her in an 11 minute video (linked here).

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We Are the New Radicals, a book by Julia Moulden with stories about 20 people who have converted their jobs into meaningful roles to help humanity, and which explains how others can follow their paths. She describes the book in a video on her web site, and also offers the first chapter in a .pdf file.
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A recent BBC radio documentary about the difficulties athletes face when they retire relatively early from a celebrity role. If you have an iPod or MP3 player, listen to; BBC Beyond Sport

To find more books on retirement, visit the book reviews page of the Canadian Association of Retirement Planners