Volunteers get more than they give

Why you should volunteer:

Dr. Michael Gordon, a prominent Geriatrician at Baycrest in Toronto, describes the positive impact of volunteering on aging adults. He has found it is the volunteer who benefits the most, even when they spend their time helping others. He notes that men are particularly likely to benefit from volunteering if they haven't developed alternative activities to their career when they retire.


Senator Carstairs, Chair of the Senate Committee on Aging, says that the attitude toward retirement must change; people should not step from fully employed to underemployed. Canada can benefit from the skills of retirees, and retirees can benefit from physical and mental activity associated with volunteering, and the opportunity to broaden their network of friends and associates that it offers.

Ruth Mackenzie, President of Volunteer Canada, describes the impact of volunteering on healthy aging


Deborah Gardner describes the benefits of volunteering in your own community:

Adam Hess of VSO explains how most volunteers who go on an international assignment with VSO come back feeling that they learned more from their assignment than they taught the people in their project, and that the people they met on assignment had a big impact on their lives.


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