Friendship Force

A network of clubs which organize international exchanges

Andrew Sterling, the President of Friendship Force Ottawa, describes how Friendship Force is structured as a series of clubs around the world which extend hospitality to each other.  Each club organizes one or more annual trips for 20-25 members to visit a club in a foreign country.  The headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, and there are member clubs around the world, including many clubs in Canada.

Andrew explains the difference between travelling on an Friendship Force exchange, versus typical organized tourist tours to abroad.   Friendship Force members experience living with local people,  in a typical home environment.

Canadian members tend to vary from 55 to 75 years old.  Andrew says that Friendship Force is suitable for people who are 50 plus, retired, enjoy international travel, hospitality, and are sufficiently active to travel independently, carrying their own luggage. 

He outlines how to join.