CUSO -- No longer just for university students

Volunteering opportunities for older Canadians

CUSO was once an organization for university-based volunteers; it is now one of the most active organizations sending older Canadians abroad to assist organizations in developing countries, generally for two year assignments.

Catherine Wilde, CUSO recruitment specialist, describes the evolution of CUSO, and the types of projects volunteers undertake.


About CUSO volunteers

Catherine describes CUSO volunteers; average age 38, with job-related skills and an aptitude for working in cross-cultural situations. Many come back reinvigorated, with a new understanding of community development.

How to volunteer

Catherine describes the process of applying, interviewing, orientation, and going on an overseas posting.

CUSO posts specific placements on their web site three times a year, which allows people to apply to postings which match their skills.


The Volunteer Perspective

Doreen Spence went with CUSO to Africa to help start a tribal school. She was able to use skills developed in Canada to help the local people, while at the same time experiencing a rewarding personal experience.