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Voluntourism, Work & Study Abroad...

Jeff Minthorn, publisher, says Verge Magazine focuses on opportunities to become immersed in communities overseas through volunteering, adventure travelling, ecotourism, working or studying abroad.

Designed for "purposeful travellers" of all ages, Verge Magazine features socially responsible travel on a modest budget. One of their most popular features is the "Go Abroad" database of travel opportunities on their web site.

Jeff describes how to check out voluntourism offerings, how to figure out what is the right kind of trip for you, and what to expect in an assignment abroad.

Jeff says that most people who have done their research, and established realistic expectations prior to going on the trip, come back feeling that they have had a life changing experience. He says that the level of involvement that they can experience in the community where they work is so different from what they have experienced travelling before. They bring a new attitude to developing world issues back to their home communities.

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