Lifelong Learning at Ryerson

Learning programs for 50+

Sandra Kerr, Program Director for 50+ learning explains how Ryerson is developing a range of programs for lifelong learning.

  • They work with a 50+ group to develop general interest courses which are led by peers or by lecturers in the University.
  • They are developing workshops designed to help people work through the transition to retirement.
  • They offer a theatre studies program, featured below, and they are in the process of developing a similar film & video production program.
  • They offer a seminar on writing family history.
  • They are experimenting with social activism projects.
Theatre Arts for 50+: Act II Studio

The Act II Studio Theatre arts program offers the full range of theatre skills; writing, acting, production. In addition to introductory courses, advanced courses are designed to meet the needs of the group. The studio maintains a strong core group, as students can continue in the program as long as they want. Sandra Kerr describes the program:

Michael Sherman has been in the Act II studio program for a year. The following video includes parts of a rehearsal performance of "The Marriage" by Edward Albee, and an interview where Michael describes what his participation in the studio has meant to him: