Leisurely Travel

Travel opportunities of particular interest to retirees

A whole new world of travel opportunities opens up when we are no longer constrained to just a week or two of vacation, or required to travel during high season.

We have videos on:

  • Hostelling; travellers who enjoy staying at hostels around the world because they provide a community of fellow travellers as compared to being isolated in a hotel.
  • Verge Magazine: a magazine for "purposeful travellers" who want to experience life in the communities they visit.
  • Friendship Force, a non-profit network of clubs that exchange visits. Members travel as a group, and stay as guests of a club in another region, providing opportunities for visiting "ordinary people" in other countries, and for hosting them here in Canada.
  • Elderhostel which started out as a low-cost educational travel organization, and has evolved to provide more comfortable travel, still with a strong emphasis on education. It has also started Road Scholars, which is targeted at a younger, but still mature, audience.
  • Servas; an international association designed to promote peace by building friendships between people in different countries. Members act are "travellers" and/or " hosts" who receive travellers in their homes.
  • Globetrotters; a club that started in England for adventuresome independent travellers to learn from each other. It has branches in a number of places, including Toronto.
  • Voluntourism a different way of getting an inside view of community life in another country, while offering something in return. Paititi Peru offers the opportunity to teach English in tiny villages in the Peruvian jungle.



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