Peace Keeping, Election Observation & Crisis Recovery

CANADEM places experienced people in development jobs

Kevin McMahon describes how CANADEM matches skilled Canadians to opportunities overseas to work in UN peace keeping, crisis recovery and governance, including electoral observation. These are short term jobs that pay a substantial wage for people with experience in developing countries, who have the right skills and are willing to leave their families at home and take on assignments in regions where life can be very difficult.

CANADEM's role is to assist international organizations to identify civilian experts for peace building and development projects.  They post job listings on their site.  The first step is to apply to be included in their roster.

Candidates need certain skills plus experience in development

Kevin's job is to develop and maintain CANADEM's roster of experts and technical advisors. He describes the kind of people that he is looking for on behalf of UN agencies and other NGOs.

He outlines the requirements for experience in developing countries, including languages spoken and skills required. He describes the ICAP program they offer to allow people to gain work experience in the developing world on a self funding volunteer intern basis.