Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

Sandy Hopkins, CEO of the Winnipeg branch of Habitat for Humanity, describes the mission of the organization:

Habitat offers a number of opportunities for people to volunteer in their own communities:

Sandy describes how Habitat for Humanity also offers opportunities to volunteer abroad.

John Linossier is back for a second year this summer to do a week's volunteering at a Habitat building project in Winnipeg. He enjoys the work, and plans to do more of it in his retirement. He says he might look into doing some volunteering with Habitat in a warmer climate in the winter months

The Habitat ReStore

Sandy Hopkins describes how the concept of the ReStore got started in Winnipeg. It sells surplus and recycled building materials and home furnishings, and it generates enough revenue to pay for all the administration costs of the Winnipeg Habitat operation. There are now 60 ReStores in Canada and 500 in the USA.