Making the transition to retirement

Most retired Canadians enjoy life more than when they were working.

However, many Canadians are afraid of retirement because they can’t envision life after their working career.

The tough part  is the transition to retirement.

Retirement is a path, not a destination.  To get started, you need to choose the direction for your first step.

The reward is a happy retirement.

Chris Armstrong is Chairman of Life’s Next Steps. He says you need to understand  what  you like to do in each of three areas:

  • Leisure activities, the things we like to do for fun
  • Engaging activities, things we do well that we enjoy doing, and
  • Meaningful activities, things we do for a greater good than our own.

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Here are more ideas on making the transition, each from different perspectives. They all recommend starting out by figuring out what you like to do, and becoming active doing those things.

Ernie Zelinski advocates freedom

Chris Crowley recommends exercise,

Barbara Moses describes the right attitude, and

Cam Mackie on how to find your new purpose