When you decide to quit your job, you need to find one or more new projects to replace the engaging aspects of your job.

Career advisor Cam Mackie says the most important thing is to be active and engaged.  No need for a long-term plan, you just  need to plan your next step

Don’t rush into anything; take a break,  reflect on what you liked and did not like in your work experience,  and decide how many hours, days, months, you want to commit to a project or an organization  within your new lifestyle.

Don’t sell yourself short; if you don’t really need the money, don’t sign up for a boring job.   Don’t sell your precious retirement time. Likewise, don’t let someone else figure out how to “fill your time”.

You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket; consider a “portfolio” of activities, which could include some contract work, occasional volunteering, and a college course to learn about something new.  A portfolio approach offers more variety and allows you flexibility when you finish a project or lose interest in an activity.

Don’t over-commit; you don’t need to be a super-achiever, you need the right balance between projects and leisure, but be active in projects where you are challenged, engaged and learning.