45+ Job Finding Service

ThirdQuarter.ca connects experienced workers 45+ years old with Canadian employers who value that experience. Thanks to Government sponsorship, it is a free service available across Canada. Sue Barkman and Trish Pauls describe what they do:

Their website provides more information, helpful resources, their quiz, a weekly newsletter with job alerts, and an invitation to sign up or contact them for further information.

Become a part-time prof

Post secondary schools need experienced people to teach a wide variety of skills.

Debra Wutke, Program Manager for Business Management in the Continuing Education division of Red River College describes the paid and volunteer opportunities for retired people in her college:

Many retirees get satisfaction mentoring young people in their field; an ideal place to pass on your experience is at colleges and universities that hire skilled people on short-term contracts to teach continuing education students, and in some cases, full-time students as well.  Alternatively, colleges often invite experienced people to volunteer as guest lecturers once in a term.

Sticky: Elders’ advice on working in retirement

When Lyndsay Greene, author of You Could Live a Long Time, found that many experienced retirees had “worked” well past the end of their traditional careers.  They said work — not necessarily paid work — provides purpose and social networks in retirement.

They emphasized that, in the post-career phase of work, you shouldn’t expect the same level of responsibility and authority as in your career.