Jack Frost Challenge

Finishing the last km’s

At the beginning of this week I signed up for the Jack Frost Challenge, accepting the goal of travelling 140 km under my own power in seven days.  A great idea.

The winter weather makes it hard to get outside regularly for exercise.  This week, the pressure to do 20 km a day, or fall behind on the challenge, got me out for a good skate, ski, or bike ride every day, taking extra detours to maximize the distance covered.

It was great motivation; maybe we need a Jack Frost Challenge more often in winter!

Lots of people on the skating trail

Elders’ advice on working in retirement

When Lyndsay Greene, author of You Could Live a Long Time, found that many experienced retirees had “worked” well past the end of their traditional careers.  They said work — not necessarily paid work — provides purpose and social networks in retirement.

They emphasized that, in the post-career phase of work, you shouldn’t expect the same level of responsibility and authority as in your career.